40 Days In A Backpack

Wow, that was some trip. I started posting the first part of my trip while I was actually on it. Liveblogging my little heart out as we went along, but it became increasingly more difficult because as you may (or may not) know the internet in China is pretty restricted.

This means none of the real social media outlets that I love except for the ones deemed a-ok by the government. So while the rest of the world Facebooks and Tweets, China has Sina Weibo and a little program called QQ that owns everything. that does pretty much everything Facebook/Twitter does but contained within a wall the government can monitor.Also outside of the “Great Firewall of China” blogging platforms like WordPress (which my blog humbly inhabits).

While I’ve got a VPN that works really well and allows me to connect beyond the scope of the Chinese government’s furrowed brows, I still had to be connected to wifi to send it out through the VPN. This of course is after I typed anything I wanted to say on my phone. Plus, I could only use the pictures I was taking with my phone. So what’s the point?

The trip was really wild, though. We changed plans a few times and our sojourn into Chinese culture ended up being a little bit different than our original plans. Even still, Katie, Lotte and I traveled more of China than I think many of our students. We met so many interesting people. Some really radical people, some really weird and disgusting. Katie and I came back early because we were scraping the bottom of our pockets. Lotte is still out there visiting some people in the Philippines. God speed, sweet traveler.

Anyway, I’m home now, I’ve got a few entries coming up over the next few days and I’m gonna space them out so we got mad stuff to read the future, dude. I’ve just got to get my head back in real life mode after being a nomadic backpacker.

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