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Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

In Heilongjiang province, the northern-most of China’s 22 provinces, there is a city named Harbin. Harbin is notable for its Russian influenced architecture, a Chinese beer, being ludicrously Siberian-type cold and probably most famously the largest Ice and Snow Festival in the world that takes place in early January every year. The Harbin Ice and […]

Thanksgiving Abroad

I know it’s an American holiday, and mostly its purpose is to put way too much food into you face hole. (That’s my favorite part at least!) but the point of Thanksgiving is to take a moment to talk about the things that you are thankful for that normally get taken for granted. Being abroad […]

Chillin’ in Jilin

Instead of getting a single day with fireworks like we do on July 4th for Independence Day. China takes a whole week off for National Holiday/Mid-Autumn Day. After messing up our plans to head into Inner Mongolia and see the grasslands and ride a camel, we decided to hit up this mountainous area in the […]

Trapped! Tale of an Escape Room Survivor

I remember loading up these flash games about 10-ish years ago, wherein you the nameless/faceless protagonist are trapped within a room of a certain color.  These games are fun in a really creepy sort of way. The object of the game is to escape from the room but this can only be accomplished by completing […]

Day 13: Terracotta Warriors

After a lot of miscommunication and getting lose at the bus station, then an hour ride on such sought after buses, we arrived at the very confusing complex for the the Terra Cotta Army. Why is it confusing? To arrive at the gate to see the warriors, you must first embark on the noble quest […]

Day 12: Kai and Muslim Food

After rushing Datong and Pingyao over previous few days we decided to take a 9 hour hard seat ride to Xi’an, one of China’s most historical and culturally diverse cities. (or at least it used to be). Xi’an used to be a major hub on the Silk Road. According to my Lonely Planet book, Xi’an […]

Counter-Strike Laser Tag

School is back in full swing. It started up around 3 weeks ago. I now have 2 more classes than I had last semester. So needless to say things are really busy around these here parts. I have mostly different students but luckily managed to retain one class from last semester.  That would be Class […]

Peking Opera-rarararararara

So I don’t know if you are entirely familiar with Opera of any kind, but I had heard about how important to Chinese culture the Beijing Opera. There’s been movies and documentaries about the Opera and what the people go through to be a part of it; to keep this crazy and interesting part of […]

Day 5: Lamas, More Gods and Forbidden Palaces

After hanging with Qian for two days, we decided maybe it was a good time to move back into a hostel in the city. Not because he wasn’t the nicest and most hospitable dude ever, but mostly because it took a 1.5-2 hours to do anything inside the city and that bus trip was killing […]

Travel Advice: New Beijingings

We spent a grand total of eight days in Beijing. We realized after the breakneck pace of the first few days of our stay that we should start to space out all the excitement to one sight a day. I think by the end we were pretty over old Peking. But, if you’re looking to […]