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40 Days In A Backpack

Wow, that was some trip. I started posting the first part of my trip while I was actually on it. Liveblogging my little heart out as we went along, but it became increasingly more difficult because as you may (or may not) know the internet in China is pretty restricted. This means none of the […]

Day 2 & 3: Beijing

Our day began, much to our surprise, with a western style breakfast in our hostel. I had muesli but instead of the standard berry inclusion that normally comes with any granola-like substance my had watermelon in it! It was surprisingly tasty. (I had blended watermelon juice a while back and it was so so good.) […]

Day 1: Beijing

We departed July 6th, which was a day earlier than previously planned because SOMEONE bought the wrong tickets. Whoops! It wasn’t no thing. We hit that sweet sweet fast train all the way into everyone’s favorite Chinese capital city of Beijing. Allow me take a moment to teach you a little bit of the Mandarin […]


It’s kind of crazy to think that I just handed in my grades for the first semester teaching English in China. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here THAT long, but on the other hand it kind of does. My friend Melville once said that it doesn’t really matter where you go in the world, […]

City, Sea and Harmonious Future

Since I started making posts about living in this crazy foreign land, I’ve really tried to focus on the majestic and interesting aspects of living abroad. While I don’t think I’ve been misrepresenting my experiences here thus far. I’ve decided it’s high time to put some of the stranger elements of sight-seeing here out there. […]

Operation Summer Holiday: Planned

So here it is folks! We’ve been planning out little hearts out over the last few weeks. Booking Couchsurfin’ spots, examining tourist attractions loosely buying travel tickets, that sort of thing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about living in China, it’s that you should never ever count on anything being a sure thing. Whether […]

Sign Language Abroad

So a few posts ago I mentioned I traveled to Shanhaiguan. When we started our 5 hour “slow train” journey seeing the country side, talking to some of the natives. Before the train pulled out Shenyang station, we met a little Deaf girl. It had been weeks since I left Washington, DC and had anyone […]


I’m currently employed at Liaoning University teaching a ragtag group of go-getters. Like many universities, our school is comprised of numerous colleges. The college department I work in is called Sun Wah International Business School. It’s more commonly known by the name “S.W.I.B.S.” Twice a week, I invite four different groups of said enterprising youth […]

Meng Jiang Nu Temple

I’ve become really interested in folklore after I had a great class at WVU taught by lovely woman named Rosemary Hathaway. I’m in love with American folklore and now that I’m traveling China, I figured why not try to capture some Chinese folklore and pass the best ones on to you. So here’s the first […]

The Old Dragon’s Head & The Sea Gods

Our foreign teacher coordinator, babysitter and friend, Crystal, suggested we check out one of the most famous things in Shanhaiguan. So we popped on over to this small reconstructed part of the wall and military base. The name of this area is The Old Dragon’s Head because the Wall ends and meets the ocean and […]