I’m currently employed at Liaoning University teaching a ragtag group of go-getters. Like many universities, our school is comprised of numerous colleges. The college department I work in is called Sun Wah International Business School. It’s more commonly known by the name “S.W.I.B.S.” Twice a week, I invite four different groups of said enterprising youth to journey along with me as we explore the the wild and wonderful landscape that is business English. blegh. Though, they’re really good sports about it.

A week or two ago sometime, a few of my older students came to class wearing really nice matching jerseys asking to leave class early because they had a game. Turns out each college at the Liao Da (the Chinese abbreviation) has it’s own soccer team. After missing the first game because I wasn’t feeling so hot, I was able to join up with some of my sophomores and Gareth to head over to the field. We were able to snag a pretty good spot on the sideline amongst the team as we played the deadly fierce and aptly cut-throat economics department.

After an fairly uneventful first half with a score of 0-0, SWIBS put away 2 goals at the start of second half. But those damn economists scored two pretty great goals leveling it out to a solid 2-2 at the end of regulation. The game goes into sudden death overtime. Pressure was bearing down on our valiant footballers, but SWIBS squeaked by with really tricky goal ending the game 3-2. According to Parker, #10 on SWIBS, they’ll be advancing to the finals match which is this Wednesday. In my whole dang life, I never thought I’d be excited to see soccer. But I can’t wait for us to win the Liao Da Cup (or whatever they’re calling it.)

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I’ve never tried shooting sports photos before, so this was definitely a challenge. I’ve never wanted a telephoto lens more in my life. I managed to get a few decent shots. But, I now have crazy amount of respect for sports photographers after this. Especially, those that shoot in REALLY BIG arenas. Anticipating that key moment is so difficult!

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